Exchange Opportunities and Double Degree Options

The University of Mannheim prides itself of being among the most international institutions in Germany. This is reflected not only in the number of international students within the programme. There are a number of ways through for students to organise a semester abroad.

Students in the study field Economics may apply to a number of Erasmus partner universities as well as partner universities overseas. While most European programmes are specifically dedicated to economics students overseas exchange opportunities are usually open to all students.

Additionally to the exchange programmes, economics majors may apply to the double degree option within the ENTER Network. This programme offers to spend the second year at one of several partner universities in Europe and earn two master’s degrees in two years. Admission to the programmes requires an application and placement might be competitive with regard to supply and demand. More detailed information can be found on the department website. Another useful website may be that of the Akademisches Auslandsamt which also provides a database of exchange partners.

Students in the study field Economic Research may not apply for the mentioned programmes. However, the GESS has contracts with both the University of California, Berkeley and Yale University to send students to the partners PhD programmes in Economics. Doctoral students and Economic Research majors are considered for these places equally.