Lehrpreisvergabe und Ringvorlesung „Quality and Gravity in International Trade“ am 16. Mai 2018

Lehrpreisvergabe und Ringvorlesung mit Prof Dr. Lisandra Flach, unter dem Leitthema „The New Normal – aktuelle Makroökonomie“
16. Mai 2018 | 19:00 bis 20:30 Uhr | Hörsaal SN169 im Schloss

Im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung wird auch die Lehpreisvergabe stattfinden.

International trade is once again in the focus of the world community. Wether it is a contraction in cargo shipping pointing to a reduction in the pace of globalisation or Donald Trump threatening or actually withdrawing from yet another agreement.

We tend to look at these issues from a policy point of view but what about the firms who actually trade? How do they react to international trade and what firm characteristics play a decisive role?
We will look at these issues and try to answer try to answer today’s questions with economical methods.


After graduating from Mannheim in 2012, Prof. Dr. Lisandra Flach held a couple of different positions like consultant to the OECD and the ifo Institute. Additionally she was Visiting Researcher and Scholar at Columbia and Havard. She currently is assistant professor at the LMU in Munich where she focuses especially on the impact of and the reactions of firms to international trade.