Field of Study


In the field of study Economics students attend a common core during their first semester with courses on Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics. Additionally, there is a preparatory math course the week before lectures start. Attendance is optional, but highly recommended due to the mathematical formalism of economic theory. These core courses are specifically taught for master students in economics and thus offer an introduction to economic theory on a graduate level in moderate class sizes.

During the second and third semester students may choose freely from electives offered at the department of economics. Exact courses offered are subject to changes from semester to semester, yet the department has been able to offer a wide variety of lectures and seminars. Current and previous course offering may be found on the website of the department . As teaching is conducted by postdoctoral researchers as well as junior and senior professors, there might be considerable fluctuation in course offerings. A list of researchers at the department may be useful and can be found here. Thanks to a cooperation students may also attend courses at the Department of Economics at University of Heidelberg.

The fourth and last semester is devoted to the writing of the thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.

Field of Study

Economic Research

The choice of Economic Research allows students to attend the course sequence of the doctoral programme in economics within the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS). These consist of ten core courses in the first year of study. In their second year students take electives and write a dissertation proposal in place of a master thesis. The field of study Economic Research coincides with the first and second year of the doctoral programme and guarantees placement in the GESS upon completion. However, only students in good academic standing may proceed in this field of study after the first semester. Details are announced on the departmental websites and informational sessions.

Field of Study

Comepetition and Regulation Economics

Competition and Regulation Economics as a field of study offers students a high-quality structured program in small courses of 25 students – including core courses in industrial organisation (theory and empirics), competition law and an interdisciplinary seminar on competition economics and law. Additionally choosing this field of study allows students to participate in the Mannheim Competition Policy Forum (MCPF) at the Mannheim Centre For Competition and Innovation (MaCCi) as well as choosing from a wide variety of partners for internships or other interactions.